This blog is a pool of sharing on our thoughts and experience in teaching and learning psychology in graduate classes.  We are a group of professionals consisting of adjunct instructors of online psychology courses and graduate learners from various management, technical, and administrative backgrounds.  What’s in common among us is that we believe that the knowledge of psychology can manifest tangible and humanistic values to both individuals and our society.  Therefore we teach and learn psychology for self-fulfillment, personal development, professional advancement, spiritual growth, and the improvement of our community and the quality of life for people around us.

While we use this blog as a thought keeping area to organize and track our knowledge acquisition, we also want to let it benefit others, thus we do our best to make this website useful and make sense for learners of psychology and anyone who is interested in relevant subjects.  To ensure the accuracy and accountability of the contents, we always include citations of scholarly resources.  Readers are welcome to leave comments to share your thoughts, engage in discussions, or offer your feedback in the comment area.

Best luck to your journey of learning and discovery!

- David, Richard, and team

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