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Monday, October 21, 2013

Organizational Mission vs. Organizational Vision

Don't be confused for the concepts between corporate mission and corporate vision.  The mission is about what an organization does currently; the vision is about what the organizational leaders envision for the organization's future. An organization’s vision differs from the concept of organizational mission. The mission of an organization describes its core purpose, whereas the vision is a statement of intended direction, or where the organization would like to be. Stated differently, “Effective visions should describe a future world where the mission is advanced and where goals and strategy are being successfully achieved in lockstep with the organization’s guiding philosophy and values” (Levin, 2000, p. 95). Collins and Porras (1994), and Quigley (1994), have further defined vision as being a combination of an organization’s mission, philosophy, goals, and strategy. The communication of these vision elements allows members of the organization to share a sense of purpose, direction, and meaning. Due in part to this important communicative feature, vision is frequently associated with the act of organizational leadership.


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