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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dual-Career Couple and the Issues

Dual-career couple refers to a couple whose members both have occupational responsibilities and career issues at stake. Nearly 80 percent of all couples are working couples. The two-income family is replacing the single-income family as the norm. When both members of a couple have career issues at stake, personal lives can complicate and become intertwined with occupational lives. A career opportunity for one member that demands a geographic move can produce a crisis for both the couple and their companies. For example, a geographic move involving a dual-career couple can be difficult when the move is across international boundaries. Both couples and organizations can take steps to help deal with dual-career issues. Rather than waiting until a crisis point, it is better if the couple resolves competing career issues by planning their careers and discussing how they will proceed if certain options become available. This approach also reduces the possibility of abrupt personnel losses for organizations. Some of the organizational approaches used to deal with the needs of dual-career couples include flexible work schedules, telecommuting,  and child-care services. These kinds of practices have become more common (Gómez-Mejía, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012, p. 288). 


Gómez-Mejía, L. R., Balkin, D. B., & Cardy, R. L. (2012). Managing human resources (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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