Social Media Marketing Manager Job analysis

Social media as a relatively new platform plays an increasingly important role for corporations to adapt emerging marketing channels such as email marketing, internet promotion, social networking, affiliate programs, etc.  In the development of a core competency skill set for a social media marketing manager, the I/O psychologist  should consider job functions for the best practice of social media marketing combined with the company’s strategic plan for marketing and sales.  First, a meta-analysis may be conducted to review  literatures in social media related topics from management science and consumer psychology.  This method can help an I/O psychologist understand the relationship among key factors of social media marketing and sales.  As stated by Levy (2010), researchers can use meta-analysis to combine the results from large volume of studies to arrive at the best estimate of the true relationship.  Findings of meta-analysis can help design social media marketing manager’s job functions specific to the company’s marketing strategy, then core competencies of this position can be analyzed. 

According to Levy (2010), core competencies refer to “the skills, behaviors, and capabilities that allow employees to perform specific functions” (p. 72).  Competency modeling is a common method to assess core competencies of a position.   Competency modeling is similar to job analysis methodology however competency modeling is more worker-oriented but job analysis more job-oriented.  The result of competency modeling can reach the definition of social media manager's responsibilities, skills, knowledge, abilities, personal attributes, and business challenges that are relevant for a particular organization (Levy, 2010).  Because applications of social media involve business operations and technical functions across departments, it is necessary to conduct a survey among managers about social media and its marketing approach related to other aspects of business management.  This survey will help the I/O psychologist consider integrated business operational impacts in the development of core competency skill set of this position.  Steps to obtain information from research participants include designing the questionnaire, conducting the interview, followup for clarification, and data analysis.


Levy, P. E. (2010).Industrial/organizational psychology: Understanding the workplace (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers.

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