Know thyself in Your Life

The concept of "know thyself" is important to everyone because it is essential to personal growth, professional development, and life success.  To know yourself is not only to know who you are, it is also to know your goals, desires, and purpose.  Knowing yourself is a cognitive process of self-evaluation and self-reflection.  Through this process, you reflect your past experience to understand how you’ve reached where you are standing today, to evaluate your strength and weakness, and to determine your future path.

An important aspect of “know thyself” is to reflect your thoughts and know what and how you think.  This is metacognition which is commonly defined as "thinking about thinking" in psychology.  Metacognition is one’s ability to think, comprehend, and to regulate one’s own cognitive processes (Azevedo, 2009).  Therefore the metacognition of “know thyself” is very important to doctoral learners.  Findings of research by Pennequin, Sorel, Nanty, and Fontaine (2010) indicate that metacognition can help improve academic achievement by enhancing to metacognition components - knowledge and skills.  Therefore it is beneficial for people to “know themselves” through metacognition for higher achievements and success.


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